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Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 reasons to buy the iPad 2

Here are some reasons to buy the Apple iPad 2

1.) It now has a front facing camera and a rear facing camera
2.) It now features the dual core A9 chip
3.) It has IOS 4.3
4.)  It is 33% thinner then the original iPad
5.) Keeps the 10 hour battery life

Well, there ya go folks. There are more reasons to get it, but I wanted to post the main reasons to get it!

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  1. Apple was recently the largest company in the world, because its reliable, and simple, MS hasn't yet got a grip on the power of ROM, its nice to be able to do a factory reset, returning to a fully functioning system. I use android gingerbread on a sammy gs, 64 bit Win 7 on an Athlon II quad, but I've had a lot of software problems, it maybe that my sisters big mac screen pc, is a lot less trouble, still it wouldn't be able to train me in server 2008.