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Monday, March 28, 2011

Salvage Mod 1.1 For the EVO

This past week I was running Salvage-Mod 1.1 for the EVO and I have to say this ROM is excellent very stable, and keeps the vanilla feel of stock android. This ROM is android 2.3.3 and runs incredibly smooth as well. Now originally this started as a stock ROM no extra bells and whistles but with the last update they made they added a CPU governor that lets you overclock or underclock the processor to your liking, also added was a mappable taskbar that lets you chose what power controls are in you taksbar! In terms of Extras there aren't to many and I still like to use google voice over sprint's voice mail or visual Voice mail. The few bugs that This rom had before have been squashed this ROM now supports GPS, Voice mail from sprint, camera's working, and 4G WiMax enabled only thing not working is HDMI but its a matter of time with the current break throughs made in that area by Team Win and Orrembas.
I personally did have a couple of problems with random reboots on this ROM but found no other reports of this in the thread and the Dev. team is willing to figure out what is wrong, so support is great for this ROM as well. Features are as I mentioned above and I must say its very well done I think that this ROM has a chance to compare to Cyanogen Mod in the near future. On a scale of 1-10 I give this ROM a solid 9 with bonus points for support. I will share a link to the Thread and the website to download the ROM and Give special Thanks to Echoside, Barnacles 10, Bigdog Rush, and Lithid-CM for all of thier hardwork on this ROM and say Keep up the good work guys You have done well!!!!

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