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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Azrael X rom for the EVO

OK this is the first of many reviews on Roms that I will be writing and will update with any ROM I try or know about!
Now I have been following this ROM since I got my EVO and rooted it back in October for my birthday, now while it wasn't my first ROM it was and is in my opinion the best sense ROM I have ever used! Azrael boasts Speed, performance, and Great battery life and so far I found it to be true (at least until I destroyed the calibration of my battery). Ricsim78 The creator of the ROM has shown extraordinary support for his ROM and includes things like astro file manager, Wireless tether app that has been tweaked for a steady connection, spare parts to accelerate the animations, Titanium Backup (free version), and a Few other miscellaneous things. If your worried about bloatware, no need the only things the people consider bloat that is on this ROM is Sprint Zone and Sprint Football any of the programs you want are in a separate folder on your SD card named Azrael Removed. Now your probably going to ask about a quadrant score well I can tell you that quadrant Benchmarks are meaningless Quadrant is inconsistent and you can run the same test under the same conditions multiple times and get multiple outcomes but if you must know it scores an approximate 980. I personally don't use benchmarks to judge how fast a rom is I just use my eyes and see how much it will lag or not, remember benchmarks are meaningless in everyday use. All in all this rom is very well put together, and on a scale of 1-10 I give it a solid 8 and expect Ricsim only to make more imporvements on the ROM as he has admitted that he is a perfectionist an is constantly updateing his rom. I hope this has been a informative review and all of you have enjoyed reading this I will be writing more reviews on other ROMs as well. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you~James

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