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Friday, March 18, 2011

Should I root my android phone?

In this article I will be talking about why you should you root your phone.  Have you ever thought, should I root my phone?  Well I have rooted my phone and some things I have learned are...phone carriers and phone manufacturers want to add bloat ware and custom skins to our phones and do not want us to experience android like Google intended us too!  But with rooting you can stop all that nonsense! 
After I rooted my phone I had access to free Mobile hotspot, I could remove all the carrier bloat ware pre-installed on my phone, and had access to android applications that required root access!  And you can install custom ROMs , overclock your phone, and do much more!  Rooting just opens a world of possibilities for your phone! 
I wanted to keep this article short and tell you the main reasons why you should root your phone!  So after reading this, will you be rooting your android phone?


  1. So, other than warranty, why shouldn't we root our phones?

  2. When you root your phone are you supposed to switch anything in your settings to use the hot spot?

  3. @Tina, just download wifi tether from the market and start tethering! @Danny, if you don't know what your doing there is a chance you could brick your phone!

  4. My phone is still not rooted and I really want it to be! I tried through z4root and it didn't work :(

  5. Looks like the TECHs have died. Thats the only excuse for this old, unkept, stupid self made app to still be here, its sucking in customers for app gyser, no?.