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Monday, March 14, 2011

5 Reasons to wait for quad core

Here are 5 reasons to hold off on dual core and wait for quad core tablets and phones!

1.) Quad core is 2x times powerful then dualcore
2.) Quad core tablets are coming in August according to Nvidia
3.) Quad core enables extreme HD, screen resolution up to 2560x1600
4.) Also quad core can play 1440p video
5.) And can deliver up to 12 hours of battery life

So after reading this, will you be waiting for quad core and forgetting about dual core? You Choose...


  1. You are wrong specs show that at least one quad, runs at 500% the calculation rate as an average dual core, for example a dozen graphics cores, my sammy gs gingerbread runs flash video and 3d wallpaper on just one graphics core. In 2018 we will reach market saturation with 4 billion ultra definition 3D tablets, the figures you quote on resolution seem likely. Perhaps I'm being conservative and the crash could come earlier, with 3D smartphones and quads with dozen gpu's comming available this very month (8/11.) Maybe we will experience a desktop crash like situation from the first tech boom, sooner than I think, however it will take a while for 3D UD tabs to reach all 700 million Indian mobile phone users.
    However even there, $50 android tabs could be subsidised by the gov't to $25, this doesn't mean market saturation is iminent but suggests that saturation could occur faster than my projection.