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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is the iPad 2 worth it?

  It is no secret that the iPad 1 was a huge success in the tablet world, but will the iPad 2 be? Apple announced the iPad 2 with slightly bumped up specs from the current iPad! Some of the new specs are the new dual core A9 chip, IOS 4.3, and the new front facing camera and the rear camera the iPad was lacking! Those new features may make it sound like the best tablet in the world, but will it make you ditch your iPad 1? And is it really the best tablet on the market right now?

The biggest competitor to the iPad and the iPad 2 is the Motorola Xoom featuring Honeycomb 3.0, (And to those who haven't heard about the Xoom, its Google's Flagship Android Tablet). Comparing the Xoom's specs to the iPad 2's specs, the Xoom comes out on top in a few sections like screen resolution, camera mega-pixels, and internal storage and ram!

But when comparing android to IOS, it is a whole different world! Some people choose android over IOS because it is more customizable people like having more selection of phones! People usually choose IOS over android due to the bigger app market, smoother OS, and having faster updates then android! It is the consumer's choice of what OS they like better and why!

But comparing the iPad to the iPad 2, it is not a huge upgrade from the original iPad! And comparing the iPad 2 to the Motorola Xoom, the Motorola Xoom comes out on top in the specs department. So is the iPad 2 is a big enough upgrade from the original iPad to make you ditch your iPad and get the iPad 2? And can the iPad 2 compete with tablets like the Motorola Xoom... YOU CHOOSE!!!


  1. I wouldn't say the Xoom comes out 100% on the specs area.
    Graphic Benchmark:
    iPad 2 - 57.6
    Xoom - 26.7
    I know this is just one benchmark, but it seems graphic performance the iPad 2 out performs.
    iPad 2 - Apps Selection, Stabilization,Graphic Performance
    Xoom - Apps Selection, Customization, Notifications
    WebOS - Stabilization, Notifications
    The Xoom has many options for customization for all of us that own Androids. iOS is very limited even after jail broken. WebOS seems very promising, but there is lack of apps and is customizable. Still no where near Android.
    The Widgets has sold me on the Xoom. I can have my Corp. E-mail+Gmail all on one screen that are scrollable without even opening the App. That is GREAT. As far as graphics. Angry Birds is good for me, I honestly did not play that many games on the my iPad. I have a PS3,Wii,Xbox360 for that.
    I will most likely purchase a WiFi Xoom when it is released.

  2. I had been holding out on getting a tablet until android 3 was released. When the xoom was released I went to best buy and spent some time with one. I was not impressed and primarily because of android 3. I am a big fan of android and have had the hero and now the epic. I am very happy with the way the menus on the phones are laid out. The menus on the xoom on the other hand are just not laid out well and require the user to reach all over the screen in order to perform various basic functions. I just wasn't impressed. I now own an iPad 2 and it is a great tablet.

  3. @ Ray. - I agree that the menus on Honeycomb are everywhere. Very user-unfriendly. The iOS I just hate can't be customized. Former current iPad owner soon to formerly as it is on Ebay. I hate that iOS is so restrictive. The notifications are barely a notification. The mail box feature is still not a true unified inbox like WebOS has. At least Android has the E-Mail Widget. Hopefully in the new iOS the apps you have open and then close eventually close out. If you open an application the application stays open. Yes we are able to multitask, but it is killing resources. Android also has the similar problem. Task Killer Time (not really a fan though). Honeycomb needs more time to develop. Only thing I'm going to use the Xoom WiFi for is:
    E-mail,RSS Feeds,Web Browsing, Simple Gaming. I don't need super graphics or super speed. I just wanna be able to do what I want to do. Android makes that possible.

  4. Have seen 10" honeycomb tabs in office works $A 529, Huwei may bring out their 7" honeycomb tabs soon (3.2,) $A 250, Apple was recently the largest company in the world, because its simple and reliable. My sister bought the big in screen mac, with MS Office 2011, Intel i5 dual core, iphone 5 comes out October, long after Android dual cores, which have outsold Apple. ipad 3 comes out in 2012, Android quad core, 12 gpu tabs may come out this month, Android quad core smartphones Christmas. ipad 2 is thin, light, fast, the competition is between content sales, verses advertising mindshare, remember we will need 4Bn UD 3D tabs by 2018.