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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Destroyer Rom Review for the EVO

I have run this ROM for a week now and found it quite good but still full of bugs. I love the point that it is based on Cyanogenmod7 and has many extras (to many to list), and that since it is based on CM7 it means its 2.3.3 gingerbread. Battery life is incredible on a uncalibrated battery I ran for 14hrs, usually on a uncalibrated battery I only get about 4-5hrs. the speed of the rom when it runs correctly is incredible it flies and barley any lag, until about 6hrs later where it starts to lag horribly and requires a reboot. Other bugs include Damaged SD Card messages which to fix you have to format your SD Card, Voicemail issues (in all fairness CM7 has this same bug) where you have to use a sprint vvm workaround or use Google Voice, and finally the last bug is for some people there is a bug where it will constantly force close com.android.sys files. I got lucky and didn't have the sd card bug or the force close issue but that doesn't mean you won't so be warned.

OK now for the Features! 1. It comes with both Launcher Pro and ADW EX
2. the extras include games
3. It has Wireless Tether enabled for free
4.Themes Galore!
5.Lastly WIMAX ENABLED!!!!!!!

In conclusion this ROM is nice but until the bugs are worked out its just a nicely themed ROM with great extras but not worth the possible problems you could have. On a scale of 1-10 this rom gets a 3.7 from me, hope you have found this informative and enjoyed this review and once again all feed back is appreciated

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